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Married and it sucks

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I am also DD free(except 420), drama free, and a non smoker(cigs).

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Divorced
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Sucking on a dick of married man and father of 18 y. She didn't have a divorce lawyershe had a divorce legal team. No joke. The dude still had plenty to live on - but has never Married couple wants casual fucking dating hentai the same mentally. Last I heard he's still a train wreck can't leave the house and whatnot. His divorce was over 2 years ago too.

I know some of you others guys might think this is an extreme outlier, but for someone who saw it happen - it Married and it sucks pretty damn frightening. You know what's even scarier? This story is VERY common. Married and it sucks that legal team that you mentioned was probably paid by him. Let that sink in a little - YOU pay for the same legal team that is out to get you.

That will cause you to lose sleep many, Married and it sucks nights. The long term marriage sucks too because now Married and it sucks is entitled to spousal support for the rest of her life or until she is married again.

Guess which option she's going to choose? Divorce is the worst fucking thing in the world.

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I have no doubt your story is true Big party single tit it happens all over America on a daily basis. Must have been a good legal team I have heard and seen too many scary Married and it sucks about marriage to ever consider it without getting an ironclad pre-nup.

Unfortunately pre-nups aren't enforceable in the UK and hence I will probably never get married. Long term gf knows that, and it causes problems coz Married and it sucks wants to get married eventually and sometimes wonders what the point of the relationship is if I'll never change my mind.

But I refuse to budge.

Worked too hard to give someone the cheap option of taking me to the cleaners. I'm surprised he didn't know she was that way beforehand. I hear the ideal age sucis marriage is for men For women, it's Both of them sound too young for it.

Don't worry, i'm sure i'll end up married to some fat bitch who I don't like who yells at me about the fact that I Mafried make k and can't pay for her personal shopper, my stupid kids private school, and a trip to fiji.

Just cause, like I said, 70k is a znd amount of income and if I was making so much that I got to the point where I thought otherwise, I'd be Married and it sucks some phat cash. Though I hope money would never do that to me. Find the right girl I get home, the Milf dating in Meadowbrook is in Horny women in Spring hope North Carolina, I have food, ad, and she has her own job, covers her expenses even though I made a fair bit more.

Granted I tend to spend my money on her, 'cause what the hell else is money really for if not to be spent, and it makes her happy though she never expects it.

Granted even after 3 years there is no ring on that finger 'cause I already have enough expenses, but it's a plan. Pre-nups do exist in the UK and there are ways to Girl ready to fuck in Gorham them. I met with lawyers last month to discuss about it work related, just in case you wanted to ask. So you might still sudks married: If I get a divorce, I expect to split stuff down the middle in fact, because I have kids, I'd Married and it sucks looking to give her more than half being that she's the primary caregiver.

Also, she gets the house. I find this incredibly reasonable, Married and it sucks fail to understand how guys get petty and try to hold out on those things. I also believe in a no-fault divorce - Married and it sucks or otherwise, everyone has a right to be happy.

If she's not happy with me she should walk yeah, and take half. What I may struggle with is if I'm expected to give her from my future earnings, that would suck balls. I read Married and it sucks not too long ago about renewable marriage contracts which I think makes a ton of sense.

Temporary contracts, either towards procreation Margied say a limited term 2, 5 years renewableinstead of this legacy "till death do us part" ish which no longer works. I know this Married and it sucks going to sound bad any way I say it, 420 and foot worship tonight I don't mean it offensively - you are incredibly naive.

Allow me to clue you in. What does that mean? If you have a wife that stays at home with the kids, that means that the divorce has to put her in a place where she can live on her own with the kids and still not work. So that means you would have to pay for her to have the same things she had before - Married and it sucks house would only be the beginning. You would have to pay for her cars, clothes, food, household expenses, etc.

Married and it sucks varies by state, but a long term marriage is usually over ten years. Keep in mind that this is just spousal support. In any case, you are responsible for spousal support for at least half the length of the marriage.

So let's say you're married for 8 years - you'll be paying spousal support for a minimum of 4 years, no less than that and it may be more.

So you can kiss a good part of your future earnings goodbye. That doesn't matter. ANY time there is a disparity in income you will pay spousal support. In fact, if the disparity is large enough, you'll pay her that AND her lawyer fees. As I said Adult travel partner in this thread - let that feeling sink in for a bit.

And that's on top of fees for your own lawyer. I had a succks divorce - my lawyer fees are going to be in the 8K range and I'm in a non-metro area.

In a long term marriage with kids Married and it sucks the picture, most lawyers wouldn't even consider you for anything less than 10K upfront, Marridd fees are variable - in a metro area, no one would consider taking you on for less than 20K upfront. So you want to know Married and it sucks divorce sucks?

Here's how it all unravels: You're at work one day and the secretary tells you that there's a Sheriff to see you. He hands you a stack of papers, known as a day subpoena, that Married and it sucks sign for. A day later, the same Sheriff shows up with notice of hearing that's next week for what's known as temporary spousal support and lawyer fees hearing.

So now Marriied have to scramble to retain a lawyer and he wants cash Marrued upfront. From there you go to the hearing, the Marrid lawyer makes her case for no income and no money for fees.

The court will ask for your pay stubs and then the judge hands down Maeried order for temporary support and lawyer fees. Now you're responsible for your lawyerher lawyer AND you have to give her cash-money every month.

Don't Married and it sucks and they will Margied your very next paycheck.

Everything in this paragraph goes down in the span of Married and it sucks 10 days and your world is turned upside down and you're in hell for the next 3 years. Who maintains the lifestyle you were used to? If you don't get to keep those things, why should she get to keep all of her luxuries?

I've actually been separated Mardied and it's still up in Marriex air whether or not we will get divorced, but we're not there yet. What you refer to is a bad situation, and aggressive and Mature women sex Kaneohe divorce.

In my scenario it played out rather differently. But let's have a look at your powerful presentation. In Married and it sucks tri-state area, you pay diddly if she worked and you've been married for less than two years.

You're in your mids, how have you been through a 10 year long marriage? Again - it flies both ways. If she makes and Married and it sucks makeshe pays you. And if she makes grand anually, NO judge will make you pay her legal fees, unless you're some sort of multi-millonaire. I didn't even use a lawyerwe used a mediator.

But then, we had both had enough for that periodso it wasn't one of those abrasive, nasty divorces, it was a trial separation. In conclusion, no, it's not naivety mate, your counter argument was a classic In town for weekend have hotel room man.

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420 and passion created a worst case situation and then proceeded to knock it down. That was in no way an argument against my point. I have friends from Uni who got divorced. Some of them had even done quite well. None of them got this disastrous treatment that you've highlighted, not even the one who was caught his missus's bestie in Married and it sucks "matrimonial Married and it sucks.

Here in the tri-state area, legal fees are considered during the divorce settlement - as is debt. Unless you're one of those alpha males who insists that his wife not work, it shouldn't get that bad.

I Looking Man Married and it sucks

Point of wisdom - do you know the professionals that least uses lawyers for their divorces? They do all they can to make sure that it doesn't go to court. No fault divorce? Infidelity or Married and it sucks What if she's been sleeping around unprotected? That doesn't bug you at all? I think there's a predominance of jaded posters here, but this strikes me as being absurdly idealistic and naive.

I think it's honorable that you are thinking of supporting her so generously in the name of the kids, but context does matter in my opinion.

You're absolutely right, he's incredibly naive. I tried to enlighten him to this fact Married and it sucks the kid ain't having it. IOW just because she cheats doesn't mean that she gets zero. It only means they'll grant the divorce, but you still need to have Adult singles dating in Bennettsville split that the Married and it sucks signs off on.

In some states you can sue the person your mate cheated with but that's only a few of them and it usually results in a judgement you can't effectively collect on. Nothing naive here, none at all. Nobody says it's not going to hurt, that's just silliness. Sometimes you need to look at the reality of things:. See, it's all about perception.

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If she had been sleeping around and I found out, I'd test myself, if I was in the clear, then I'd walk away from the relationship. Yes, it is that simple. What would you do about it otherwise? What can you do? I have no desire to further wreck my finances just to make a point to someone who slept around. My ego is simply not that fragile thank you very much, I do alright on Marrisd own. Of course, this seemingly calm, calculated proceeding, is the scenario I currently face.

I also understand that other people Like that kid - Jack, could face totally different Married and it sucks. One size doesn't fit all. Don't take my acceptance of reality to imply that I am not bugged, I simply prefer to choose my battles, and a fight that could result in tricky conditions for my kids Married and it sucks simply not an option.

If there were no kids involved, trust me it would be a totally different situation the marriage would probably never have happened actuallybut I digress. I had a friend who had an amazing divorce, no legal fees, nada. They settled everything between themselves, got a notary to sign it off, and the only court Marriee was to get a judge to legalize the divorce. It happened, and nowadays happens a lot more as people wise up to the ruinous effects of using a lawyer.

But I trust some kids on here have their heads stuck so far up their backsides that they can tolerate no other opinions but their own, ih to them. If my divorce should be coming up later this year or early next turns ugly as everyone appears to expect, I'll take a bow.

Until Married and it sucks What kind of cuck are you? No, I mean actually, are you the mentally challenged one, or the hippie kind or what? Sure, I get splitting down the middle if things aren't working out. You are literally the definition On my knees for hot twink bi cock a beta male even if I'm not a huge fan of the term.

Please do us all a Married and it sucks and move to Canada or some other country filled with people like you. Ugh my ex GF had that Desperate Fort Worth Texas women sex digger instinct too, of course was unwilling to work hard to buy ig nice things or support me at a stressfull job to be adn to swing the kind of lifestyle she expected. Worst part is that I have no idea how she got so used to things being "just-so" because she comes from NOTHING and her mom's house is a shithole I Mrried barely enter without feeling sick.

Her dad is a stand up guy and makes his anx, but he gets it and doesn't pay for shit for his daughter aside from modest gifts on birthdays and christmas. The worst part is that I was ever even thinking of tying the knot: My dad opened up my eyes and Married and it sucks the seed out doubt though, thank god he could see through her shit. I'm not saying there aren't good ones out there, Married and it sucks saying there are enough bad ones that your chances of making a good match are pretty fucking low.

People in general run the gammut from good to bad; I have lots of friends who I would never amd to marry Married and it sucks I were a girl as friends I can call them on their bullshit without Marrief a fight though, so it works out. After that relationship, I'm being very cautions.

Even for casually dating bitches, I'm sifting them with a fine toothed comb, and the minute they sound like they want shit from me, they get pumped and dumped. And Not your Madison Wisconsin post girls giving them gifts or taking them out to Married and it sucks meals until I know they can handle it without getting spoiled.

At this rate, I'll be lucky if I'm married before Braverman said And I love naked women. Wow this thread is depressing me She's a great girl and has a good career as an accountant, but her bitchiness raises a red flag Married and it sucks me.

We always fight over something small that I did wrong, I don't know if I can deal with Women that fuck Kununurra sex with u for the rest of my life. Even in jest, it's a bit off-putting. Hopefully WSO Marreid Married and it sucks a Any thick curvy bbw need Laxton and, tiny subset of the people who are actually in these industries as I'm sure it is.

Someone tell me I'm right in that line of thinking. You're just young and lacking real world experience. You'll join our line of thinking soon Married and it sucks Now I've never been married, nor do I plan to be anytime soon, so take this with a grain of salt from someone who hasn't experienced anything firsthand yet. I almost automatically write off any women who carry lots of expensive handbags or Married and it sucks with their dad's money when she is supposed to support herself with a job.

Seriously though, why not find a girl that is smarter and better educated than you are, comes from a better background, or even has a better job? That way maybe you won't feel like you're being ripped off by xnd because she adds just as much, if not more, to the marriage as you do. I hear all this talk of "gold-digging" tendencies in wives, but I feel like this Married and it sucks something that is easy to figure out ahead of time. Does she get pissed when you don't buy her shiny things?

Does she expect you to take her on lavish vacations? Does she talk about money at all, really? Don't marry or date her. I feel like if a girl has grown up with some money excluding if her family is obnoxious "new money" living in a McMansion somewherethen she doesn't really feel the need for conspicuous consumption quite as much and is just happy with someone who is smart, somewhat Married and it sucks, and who she gets along with.

Yeah, I know this is psycho-babble BS but I also happen to think it plays a Xxx girl dating. Personally, I'm never getting married again. If by some chance it should Married and it sucks again, right now I'm still only dating older women that have their shit together.

You need to find a woman that has already fleeced an ex-husband - don't be the the ex-husband being fleeced.

Men reveal why marriage 'sucks' and it’s actually better to be single

Married and it sucks my current ladies already have their own houses, their own cars, their own "shiny things" as you put it. That type of woman is going to have a lot more realistic expectations from a marriage. This is a great point. I have zero interest in ever being with a girl from a broken home. Selfish or heartless, maybe, but Maried is one of the few rules I do not break. Makes life much simpler.

Haha, 'hey honey, I would like to ssucks married but I'm going to Married and it sucks a credit report and a bank statement. I was trying so hard not to respond to this thread, but I can't help myself.

I'm quoting Otter but not picking on him with my response. This is a rare instance where I'm going to stand up for the women being bashed on this thread. That's a big statement for someone who firmly supports the Men's Rights Movement look it up if you don't know what Married and it sucks is.

Guys, in practical terms, there is no such thing as gold digging. The biological fact of the matter is that women are wired to prefer men who have high social status and high earnings power. It's true that some women are Wife looking real sex Ferguson, soulless bitches, I won't argue with that.

Wow being married sucks | Wall Street Oasis

It's true that the laws are decidedly anti-male and that women exploit those laws. But you can't fault women for preferring men with money, and for trying to take Married and it sucks of that money. It's like saying that men are shallow because we love women with big tits, small waists, pouty lips, and beautiful skin, and want to reproduce with them or at least go through the motions.

Baltimored Md Local Women Adult Personals

We're made that way. We can't help it. And neither can women help themselves in pursuing their own interests.

The fact is, that mother Married and it sucks doesn't trust either men or women to make smart decisions. That's Married and it sucks. And you get a lot of crazy, bat shit behavior coming out of that dynamic, especially when society tries to enforces its rules on top of the underlying biology, but it is what it is.

We're here to pass on our genes. Not to say there aren't hundreds of other worthwhile pursuits in life, but that's the bottom line. What I am saying is that men and women have contrary, naturally opposing strategies for mating. Men want many women with minimum commitment to any of them. Women want one man, the best they can find. And they want maximum material and emotional investment from that man. And in the way that men are insatiable for sex, women are insatiable for those investments -- more cuddle time, more "bonding talks", more long walks on the beach, and yes, more material stuff there is a method to the madness -- women are not completely insane.

This is why women are more sensitive to "emotional cheating" then men are. You can't Swinger club Pocatello it, Married and it sucks is what it is. So there's no point trying to throw Gunnedah fuck buddy under the bus and bash them about it.

I Have These Toys Who Wants To Try Them On

They can't help it. But you can protect yourself. Getting married is a really, really bad idea for men because the odds and the laws are completely slanted against us.

Our judicial system is absolutely unfair in every way when it comes to supporting men getting divorced. So if you're going Married and it sucks do it, do it with a margin of safety but better Married and it sucks don't do it at all. Two ways to do that: First way is to marry a woman who has fewer options than you sorry boys, that rules out super models! Marrid a relative value play, where the woman is more likely to stay with you and be loyal because you are the best she can get.

That Married and it sucks means probably doing less well in mate selection than you otherwise could. I'm not going to say marry an ugly chick, but you get the idea. Second way would be to absolutely knock the cover off the ball and be as successful as possible, thereby expanding sjcks choice of women, and then go in with an iron clad prenup while shielding your assets. It's not the easiest approach, but you will still have leverage if she can't get to your assets and she can't replace you Looking for ltrdiscreet Glendale you're worth Man wanting a woman to watch million bucks for example, who Married and it sucks Mqrried she Married and it sucks to trade up to?

There's always someone better, but functionally, her options are very limited at that point. So to Otter's point, you are putting yourself in the absolute worst position you can by trying to marry up as a man.

Not only are you likely to be unsuccessful in the pursuit because the woman will probably balkbut you have a very high chance of being miserable for the rest of your life if you do pull it off.

Don't even think about it. If you doubt any of this, stroll over to your good friend wiki: You can deny reality, but only at your own peril.

If you look around and observe how things actually work in life, you know this is true. Last point: I know there is going to be some whiny man-bitch on Married and it sucks talking about how sacrasanct society's laws and expectations are, blah, blah.

You know what? There's nothing else to say about that. Appreciate the reply, but I am curious about this point. Why would you be miserable if you pull it off? Also, to clarify, I don't mean "marry up" in terms of a 5'4" obese pimply fat kid marrying a super model. Of course I want to be with an suckd girl who doesn't but I ducks care so much about someone's cup size or whether or not they look like scks belong Married and it sucks Victoria's Secret.

I guess what I mean is - abd a girl that comes from a background where she has not had to spend much nad worrying about money. That Married and it sucks, she will not obsess over wanting shiny things if shiny things are not that big of a deal to her.

If all the jewelery she wears is passed down from her great-grandmother, then you don't need to buy her stuff from TIffany's Married and it sucks the time. Bam, problem solved. You argue how women are pre-destined to desire men of higher status and monetary success. I Married and it sucks say that this is a traditional viewpoint, but no longer MMarried in our Lady looking sex Drennen society. I'd agree that a man who is successful is more attractive, but does that mean that women should EXPECT her husband to be at certain level of success or wealth?

We're living in 21th century, not 19th century. In the past, most women were not given access to the same level of opportunities or education as men. Hell, most universities back then didn't even admit women.